Patriot - Jellyfish

Bouncing off of a Coen Bros. kick, Amazon’s Original, Patriot doesn’t fall far from that tree. Season 2 just arrived, 3 years after the first season was released in 2015. It’s a subtle whacky, dry mix of genres that smoothly whisks a viewer through to the end. The show twists and turns with its dark writing, its camera tricks, and post-production edits. It makes for a fun and odd experience. Some of the things they pull off is downright impressive. Without blinking an eye, the show plunges on, thrusting the viewer into unexpected event after unexpected event.


Much like its own premise of decapitating a jellyfish: “stabbing one amounts to duplicates,” the show regenerates problems that were seemingly resolved, only to bite the protagonist and his acquaintances in the ass even harder.

This show dares to be different. It takes chances and displays bold creative choices. That’s not to say that it takes chances for the mere sake of taking them; it’s because the show warrants it. The very beginning of a show’s creation stems from its writing. The writing in Patriot demonstrates a weirdness element of the show. Naturally, it makes sense that camera movements and edits accommodate that notion. Some things happen on screen that are not necessarily acknowledged as “normal,” and that can be exciting!

In this day and age, with an over-abundance of film and television content, Patriot is unapologetically taking risks. That’s something worth commending and absorbing.

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Watch the trailer for Patriot Season 1 here: