Trust and Thankfulness

The people at the National Association of Independent Schools have been very generous and kind to Bay Central Media, LLC. Their organization helps guide Independent Schools by providing them with a series of productive brainstorming activities that hone in on points of curriculum weakness. Since these schools are self governing, they are left to fend for themselves, when it comes to academia and program innovation. NAIS is an organization that brings Independent Schools together to work as a collective mind to diagnose problems. My job is to document their presentations and activities and provide them with marketable content in order to demonstrate what they’re all about. I film, edit and distribute the content to scale so that it can serve as a means of communicating ideas to schools worldwide.

Bay Central Media, LLC has worked with NAIS in the past, however, this was the first time another third party was in the mix. A gentleman was there from a product and business development consulting firm who specializes in understanding what a consumer desires and how their client (in this case, independent schools) can better match those desires. In a nutshell, he helps facilitate productive conversation.

It was fascinating to witness how this guy displayed ways of thinking about innovation. He was blunt and aggressive, but matter-of-fact. He had the kind of attitude that initially could be interpreted as pompous, but the more I watched him, the more I realized he’s all about “trimming the fat.” He only cares about the relevant questions that need to be asked and answered to alleviate the one problem being analyzed. He avoided tangents at all costs, and even did the classic forefinger-in-open-mouth move to display disgust when a school representative spoke the phrase, “We don’t want to be good, we want to be great.” He was loud and somewhat abrasive, but he was there to help. He wasn’t trying to lecture about right-and-wrong, rather, motivating people to take action long after brainstorming at NAIS was completed and the job routine commences again.

NAIS has been a huge help to Bay Central Media, LLC. They have hired us to make a variety of content and given us a large amount of creative control with every project they throw our way. That’s something I certainly don’t take for granted. They take a chance on our services and that never goes unnoticed on my end. Regarding the third-party gentleman, he seems to be a huge help for NAIS. When I saw him operating and collaborating with members from NAIS and communicating ideas with school representatives, I was reminded that the (“corporate”) world of education is all about collaboration and support. Everything NAIS does ultimately boils down to helping kids get an impactful education. I am thankful for the education that I have had and continue to receive and if there’s any way that I can support the journey of education for the world, you can bet I’m gonna be a part of that mission. Happy Thanksgiving!

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