Been a Min...

It’s been a while since a blog post graced the website, but it’s all due to the juggling of various projects in-and-outside of Bay Central. Most of the projects that have been completed, as of late, are ones that cannot be displayed on this website.

  • A major client in Washington D.C. uses Bay Central videos within their operations, but only their members are able to view them. The content ultimately provides deeper insight into the company’s offerings and innovative programming. A recent development has been to collaborate and design an interactive video that allows members, who were unable to attend scheduled conferences and workshops, to consume their content.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 4.16.49 PM.png
Story of Us Program.jpg
  • A dozen videos have been made for a school in southern Maryland. They are being held in stock, and then released when the school finds their proper timing.

  • A video I am proud of, revolving around the Skinny House in Mamaroneck, NY, has been made to help market a book that has been written by the granddaughter of the Skinny House’s creator. The house serves as a powerful symbol of perseverance, as the builder was doing whatever he could to keep a roof over the heads of his loved ones. This project allowed me to work with a close friend and I got to utilize Bay Central’s drone. Keep an eye out for this one, and check out the Skinny House website by clicking the link!

  • A project outside of Bay Central that has occupied some of my time was that of an original musical written by a community theater member in Baltimore, MD. He had scored all of the music, written the entire script, and organized a public staged reading of the material. The cast, consisting of 9 actors and 2 musicians, were required to learn the songs. No memorization required, we used our scripts and sheet music as we sat on stage in a semi-circle in a small theater as an audience watched us for two nights; the purpose being, to get feedback on the material in addition to acquiring potential investors.

Bay Central Media is still cranking away, despite the absence in posts. (Some original projects are in the works as well.) Do what you love, don’t think too much, be spontaneous, and have fun.

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